About Us

Our Vision
Education is life. Life is education. All human beings are competent learners.  A revolution of new possibilities is needed in educational environments to ensure that the lives of children and adults are creative, fulfilling, and that all learners are inspired to take positive action in the world.

Our Mission
To facilitate new possibilities in education by supporting communities of learners to build their own sustainable capacities for reflective, creative, caring, and effective practice for the maximum benefit of all learners.

Our Team

Dr. Marjorie A. Henningsen, Founding Partner

Ghinwa Itani Malas, Founding Partner

Mary E. Henningsen, Founding Partner

Lama Marji, Consultant, Early Years Expert

Nisreen Ibrahim, Consultant







  • Uncertainty is the birthplace of learning and creativity
  • Education is a dynamic, interactive, complex and collaborative process
  • Effective professional development is coherent and practice-based, promotes an inquiry stance toward practice, and is linked to the needs and interests of the learners
  • Strategic planning, design thinking and vision are keys to success in building sustainable quality learning environments
  • Effective schools have a high degree of synergy between academics and operations
  • Learning and Giving are the most important characteristics of effective educators
  • Everyone is capable of exceeding “common wisdom” expectations and everyone is capable of defining their own learning agenda
  • Quality learning environments are more like labs than factories
  • Focus squarely on what learners CAN do to make thinking and learning visible
  • The questions we ask and the ways in which we pursue answers do matter.


1. Resources and Tools

Grey Matters Education is a leading resource for realizing new possibilities in education locally, regionally, and internationally.

  • Leverage our specific areas of expertise to provide sound advice and innovative learning opportunities for educators according to their professional needs and goals
  • Create and disseminate tools and frameworks for building capacity for innovative, sustainable education
  • Establish and contribute to new projects and partnerships both in and outside of Lebanon
  • Market our services for local and international exposure

2. Thought Leadership

Grey Matters Education inspires and facilitates discussion, dialogue and action for sustainable educational development.

  • Engage actively in public discussions of educational issues through established social media platforms such as twitter and TED.com
  • Create new content shared through our own blog and disseminate using social media
  • Publish and disseminate articles for academic and non-academic outlets focused on innovative and sustainable educational practice
  • Organize and facilitate opportunities for face-to-face interactions among educators interested building their own capacity for innovative and sustainable school and program practices

3. International Impact

Grey Matters is a collaborative international education consulting organization.

  • Establish joint projects with other education consulting organizations that promote sustainable international education
  • Seek opportunities to contribute to large-scale efforts to improve education
  • Strengthen ties and associations with reputable international organizations with which we are mission-compatible


CONTACT US:  info@greymatterseducation.com



Mr. Mohammad Itani for being a great partner.

Mr. Patrick J. Henningsen, for our lovely logo design and helping with the initial set up of our website.

Mr. Timothy S. Henningsen, NorthEnd Communications, for doing most of the work of designing our start-up web presence and for ongoing support and word press tutorials!

Mr. Ibrahim Jamal and Mr. Louay Malas for all they have done to give our small office the makeover it needed to become our new home away from home.

All our family and friends for their ongoing support and encouragement.  We love you all!