GME Graduates 16 from the first Leadership Institute!


We are very proud of our first 16 graduates for the GME Learner-Centered Leadership Institute!  The group was very diverse spanning formal and non-formal education leaders including teachers, principals, edupreneurs, and NGO leaders.  The level of engagement was high and we all learned from each other!  GME plans to offer this institute again in the spring both in Lebanon and abroad.




Announcing New GME Inquiry Institute: Learner-Centered Leadership




GME Inquiry Institutes:  Learner-Centered Leadership

Our newest GME Inquiry Institute invites participants to take an inquiry stance toward reflecting on their own behavior and practice as leaders in educational settings of all kinds.  Teaching can be thought of as a leadership role and leaders are also teachers.  So it is highly appropriate and also very useful to conceive of and reflect on leadership in terms of an Inquiry-Action-Reflection cycle. 

Leaders in an educational setting must also be learners first and foremost, they must use their knowledge in action and they must be reflective and create space for learning, reflection and dialogue in the communities they lead.  Leaders have to shift their mindset from “something must be done” to “I must do something!”  Great leaders make things happen for others.  And in educational settings, formal or informal, the success of leaders depends heavily, not only on their own learning, but on the learning of those they lead.

Fully realizing this concept of leadership can be very challenging to think about, let alone to live by.  The main aim of this Institute is to provoke our leader-participants to reflect deeply together in a safe, collegial environment on what these ideas might mean in their own daily practice, and to envision a path forward for themselves that will strengthen their own practice and personal development.

Participants must fully attend all sessions both days to receive a certificate, no exceptions.

Take advantage of the special Early Bird rates this week only and Register now using the above link or send an email to today!


GME Does October Tour in China!


DR. MARJ HENNINGSEN AND COLLEAGUE LAMA MARJI, in partnership with Hong Kong-based IBE (International Bilingual Experts), facilitated the GME Student-Led Inquiry Institute in Beijing and Wuxi China during the month of October.  Over 30 participants in each site experienced the light and shadow atelier as a rich hands-on inquiry experience to reflect on throughout the institute.

The Beijing institute (Oct. 20-22) was hosted by Xin Fugue International Academy with participants from all over the north of China.  Our Wuxi experience (Oct. 27-29) with participants from Shanghai, the Yangtze river delta region, and as far as Hunan Province was hosted by LTSK International Kindergarten of Wuxi with the kind and generous support of Meliora Education Group.   Dr. Marj and Lama also spent the week prior to the Institute working closely with the leaders and teachers at LTSK to launch our new project transforming the school to meet its goal of becoming an IB World School.



GME Supports Opening of New KG in China

In February, Dr. Marj Henningsen and GME Associate Lama Marji provided 52 hours of teacher learning opportunities to open a new KG in Dongyang Huayuan, Zhejiang Province, China.    The KG opened with 45 students aged 3-5 and 9 teachers, including 3 international teachers and 6 Chinese teachers.  The school, owned by the Huayuan Group, aims to apply for PYP candidacy this spring and eventually the school will grow to offer primary, middle, and secondary programs for the local and regional population.  Dr. Marj and Lama provided around 8 days of intensive sessions on inquiry pedagogy prior to opening and then stayed at the school an additional two weeks to continue providing hands on support inside the classrooms and with planning.

Garden marj training  do plants have ideas  teacher 2D-3D-Color project morning meeting

Dr. Marj continues to provide leadership support, sharing school head responsibilities with Mr. John Sperandio from Global School Management consultants.  GME will continue working on the development of this school at least through 2017-2018.




GME Goes to CHINA!

GME Founding Partner Dr. Marj Henningsen travelled to Shanghai in June to participate as the Keynote Plenary speaker at a 3-Day seminar for teachers and coordinators interested in the IB-PYP and MYP programs.  The Seminar was organised by Hong Kong-based International Bilingual Education Experts (IBExperts) and hosted by the KangChiao International School in Shanghai.

Dr. Marj loved the experience and really appreciated all the hospitality shown by Kate Lin and her team at KCIS, as well as Wesley Han and John Sperandio from IBExperts/GlobalSchoolManagement.

As a result of that initial trip to China, GME is now getting more involved in Chinese schools.  In September Dr Marj and GME co-founder Mary Henningsen visited Weifang High Tech International School in Shandong province in order to conduct a readiness assessment for IB-PYP implementation as well as an introductory workshop for teachers and school leaders on Inquiry Pedagogy (bilingual English/Chinese).


GME is proud to have expanded our bilingual horizons!

The same week they also travelled south to Zhejiang province to Huayuan Village city where the Garden Group is collaborating with Zhejiang Normal University Overseas Study Centre to build a beautiful new K-12 school campus.  GME is part of the team led by GSM that has been contracted to design and manage the International Division of the new school, which plans to seek authorisation for IB programs as it opens and grows.  The school is slated to open Fall 2017 officially.

Also in December our other founding partner Ghinwa Itani Malas will join Dr. Marj to offer our GME Student-Led Inquiry Institute at two different locations in southern China.

We couldn’t be more excited about this new path for us!