Embrace the Grey

Welcome to the Grey Matters Education blog!

For now we are calling this space Grey Ideas and we’ll use it to share ideas, opinions and resources that reflect our vision of education and our core beliefs.  Our main aim is to support forward-thinking educators and institutions in building great learning environments.

We believe the key to building great learning environments is to understand, respect and honor the complexity of teaching and learning.  The reality of educational processes is that they are fraught with uncertainty, but the good news is that uncertainty is always the starting point of genuine learning!

If we really want sustainable solutions to our problems we have to face uncertainty, rather than gloss over it; we have to embrace the grey areas and do the hard work of making sense of the messiness of reality.  That kind of process might not always be simple or elegant or quick, but it is far more likely to lead to “getting it right.”

It is often the GREY that matters most!





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