Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs

  • Uncertainty is the birthplace of learning and creativity
  • Education is a dynamic, interactive, complex and collaborative process
  • Effective professional development is coherent and practice-based, promotes an inquiry stance toward practice, and is linked to the needs and interests of the learners
  • Strategic planning, design thinking and vision are keys to success in building sustainable quality learning environments
  • Effective schools have a high degree of synergy between academics and operations
  • Learning and Giving are the most important characteristics of effective educators
  • Everyone is capable of exceeding “common wisdom” expectations and everyone is capable of defining their own learning agenda
  • Quality learning environments are more like labs than factories
  • Focus squarely on what learners CAN do to make thinking and learning visible
  • The questions we ask and the ways in which we pursue answers do matter
  • Good school governance is oriented toward long-term growth and sustainability