Our Services

Selected services available in English and Arabic; limited services available in French


  • Technical assistance in setting up the Academic and Operational  systems for new schools
  • Facilitate development of Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan
  • Design curriculum development and mapping
  • Design student recruitment and admissions processes
  • Assist with recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Build internal capacity for maintaining quality as you grow

Strategic Planning

  • Help create sustainable strategic plans and planning processes
  • Support strategic plan implementation
  • Design self-study processes

Organization and Operations

  • Organizational planning and sustainable school governance
  • Audit school operations (all departments)
  • Design or improve student/parent/staff experience
  • Major event/conference planning and organization
  • Project Management

Professional Learning for Leaders, Teachers and non-Teaching Staff

  • Design a coherent, sustainable professional development program that maximizes your available resources
  • Design and carry out targeted/custom learning opportunities for school leaders, administrators, pedagogical coaches, teachers, staff, parents
  • Observe teachers and staff and give non-judgmental feedback for improvement
  • GMEInstitutes (2-Day certificated workshops): Emergent Literacy and Arabic; Student-Led Inquiry; STEM in the Early Years; Reggio-inspired Teaching and Learning in EY/Primary

 Services Related to International Baccalaureate Programs*

  • Pre-IB candidacy audit
  • Strategic planning for IB readiness
  • Assistance with Candidacy application
  • Custom follow-up on IB official training for individuals and groups

*Once Candidacy has been achieved and the IB Consultant is assigned we can only provide supplemental learning opportunities and NOT official IB training.